Deal of the Day!

Deal of the Day!
At Walmart Regular Price $40...marked down to $20 (you will have to scan this as it will not be shown marked down in store) Print your coupon and voila it is now $10!!! This is an absolute steal! I love love love mine! These are going fast so get yours soon :) Just click on the image for the coupon!!!


Since so many of you ladies are about to become Moms I thought it would be a good idea to link to some of the many freebies out there that you can take advantage of! You will receive many coupons (I love them myself) and as your children get older and their needs change so do the coupons to reflect this.

Huggies Monthly Sweepstakes
Tiny Love

Monday, February 23, 2009

FREE PJ's from Dove

Free PJ's

Where are the questions?

I have had so many comments and wonderful emails but NO questions? I am a little shocked...why has no one asked me yet how they can get all of the stuff in the picture for free too! It is sooooo easy. Yesterday I bought 300 Cascade ActionPacs for just over twenty bucks! That is my supply for the year (yes we run the dishwasher almost once a day). I get most of my emails from NS, especially a place like Truro where the cost of groceries are astronomical compared to the rest of the country you really need to take advantage. This particular deal was at Shoppers Drug Mart...the ActionPacs were marked down from $5.49 to $2.49 and there is $1.50 coupon for each bag. Make sure to grab the 15 pack and not the 12 because they are the same price :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

FREE Christmas

A free Christmas...could you imagine! Wouldn't it be wonderful to give everyone a great gift or gifts and be worry free of debt in December! I have always saved a bit each month to take care of this fine day but this year that money is going to be reinvested for early retirement. I have decided to make a laundry basket full of the free items I get from Jan-Dec for each of our friends and family. I read about the idea on SmartCanucks and I thought wow I already have piles of brand name body wash, shaving creams, candles etc (I don't want to give away the surprise because my family does read this) but you get the idea. I always loved gifts like this when I was kid so hopefully everyone will love it too! I will post pics after Christmas and I will tally up the regular price total for you to see. This is going to be fun!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Find!

So I went to Walmart today and purchased 4 boxes of Kellogg's cereals. Each came with $10 worth of coupons. The $10 was broken down into 5/$2 coupons for Rice Krispies squares, Nutri Grain Bars, Raisin Bran cereal, Froot Loop Straws, and Eggo Waffles. Each box was over sized and on sale for $3.44. I used my coupons for buy 2 get $1 off any Kellogg's cereal (available in Ontario and Atlantic Canada) so they really cost me $2.94 each. I came home cut out the coupons and took them back in (I am only 2 min from WM) and I got...

4 boxes of family sized cereal on sale $13.76 - $2 worth of coupons = $11.76
4 boxes of Rice Kripies Squares on sale $7.88 - $8 coupons = Free
4 boxes of Nutri Grain Bars on sale $7.84 - $8 coupons = Free

Total Savings just in coupons = $17.72

I haven't used the rest of the coupons as I will wait for those items to go on sale but this is a steal. You can get these boxes of cereal in Atlantic Canada and Ontario I believe. They have $10 written on the front of them. Have a look around.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Picture of FREE Organix Shampoo

Updated Pampers Points List! - Thank you Kari








Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tax Time

Once again it's tax time! Some of you love this time of year and others dread it. One way to cut down on your losses is to file your taxes free. is an easy, reputable online filing system that won't cost you a penny! My husband and I have used this program for a few years now and love it. You will have to create an online account with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) first.

Don't miss out on the following tax saving ideas:

Office in the home
Automobile expenses
Salaries paid to an assistant (your partner or child perhaps)
Supplies used to earn employment income

If you already are claiming the above expenses, don't forget to see if you qualify to claim the GST rebate for the GST you paid on deductible expenses.

If you are a waiter don't forget to report your tips!

If you work on the railroad, don't forget to claim your away from home expenses.

If you paid legal fees to collect salaries or wages you may be entitled to a deduction.
Line 104 Other employment income

If you received a taxable disability payment this year, you may be able to deduct all the premiums you paid into the plan since you started contributing to the plan. You may also elect to pay CPP premiums on other employment income not otherwise pensionable.
Line 113 Old Age Security

Don't miss out on the following tax saving ideas:
Claim the Age personal tax credit if you are over 65.
Check your T4AOAS slip to see if any tax has already been withheld.
Line 114 Canada and Quebec Pension Plan

Don't miss out on the following tax saving ideas:
Averaging the tax on lump sum CPP benefits received.
Reporting a death benefit on a separate trust return and pay less tax than on your personal return.
Line 119 Employment insurance benefits

Deduct any amounts repaid to EI during the year!
Line 120 Dividends from Canadian Corporation

Don't miss out on the following tax saving ideas:
Income splitting with your partner and children.
Investing the child tax benefit payments in your children's names.
Issuing shares to your partner or children in a family owned business.
Line 121 Interest and other investment income

Don't miss out on the following tax saving ideas: Income splitting with your partner and children.

Investing the child tax benefit payments in your children's names.

Deducting interest expense on money borrowed to purchase investments or invest in a family business.

Deducting the interest paid to purchase Canada Savings Bonds on the payroll plan at work.

Deducting your safe deposit box fees.

Deducting accounting fees paid to calculate the investment income reported on your tax return.

Deducting the interest paid on your margin account.

Review in detail the charges on your brokerage accounts for any possible interest or other fees paid that may be deductible. Look for accrued interest charges on bonds and similar investments purchased.
Line 126 Rental income

Claim all expenses incurred to earn rental income such as taxes, insurance, minor repairs and maintenance, interest expense and accounting fees paid to have the rental statement on your tax return prepared. Do not expense the cost of major repairs or additions to your property. Claim capital cost allowance to reduce your rental profit to zero.
Rental income is based on the accrual method and therefor any expenses incurred but not paid such as property taxes may non the less be claimed in the year to which they apply.
Consider purchasing rental property that will generate a profit in the name of the family member with the lowest net income, or consider income splitting with another family member.
Line 127 Taxable capital gains

Reduce any capital gains by any capital losses incurred in the year.
If you still have a capital gain at this point, claim any capital losses from previous years not otherwise deducted.
If you have an overall capital loss for the year, consider deducting these losses from any capital gains reported on your prior 3 year's income tax return or carry them forward until used..
Line 128 Support payments received

Some child support payments are not taxable!!!
There are joint elections that can be filed to make certain support payments not taxable.
Deduct any legal fees paid to enforce the payment of taxable support payments.
If you are single or unmarried you may be entitled to claim the equivalent to married exemption for on of your children.
Line 129 Registered retirement savings plans

Cash in RRSP's in amounts less that $5,000 at any one time to reduce the withholding tax to 10%. Of course the balance of the tax has to be paid when the tax return for the year is filed. Spousal RRSP's are a means of shifting the tax burden from one spouse to the other.
Line 130 Other income

The first $3,000 of certain scholarships and bursaries are not taxable.
You may be able to deduct expenses against a research grant you received this year.
Line 135 to 143 Self employed income

Self employed individuals are entitled to claim a host of expenses as long as they are reasonable and incurred to earn income. The most common are goods purchased for resale, office supplies, consulting fees, salaries and benefits, travel, insurance, equipment rental, bank charges and repairs and maintenance.
Often missed are the entertainment expense incurred to earn income such as meals, coffee, drinks in the bar and gifts.
If you home is your main place of employment you may also be entitled to claim a portion of your occupancy expenses such as rent, mortgage interest, property taxes, insurance, utilities, telephone and minor repairs and maintenance. The portion you claim varies based upon the amount of space and time the space is used for business.
If you use your car, you my be entitled to claim a reasonable portion of gas, repairs, lease, insurance, driver's license, interest on car loans, motor league, parking, washes and 30% per year on the cost of the vehicle used.
If you partner or other family members participate in the business a reasonable salary paid may be deducted.
This may be a great tax savings strategy depending upon your circumstances. You might also consider making another family member the owner or partner in the business in order to split income.
Its also important to know when its time to incorporate and what family members to include as shareholders. There are many tax saving strategies associated with incorporating a family business and its important to get proper professional advice.
Sometimes its possible to combine a family vacation with a business trip and expense a portion of the expenses.
Line 208 Registered retirement savings plan

Consider making your RRSP contributions now, but save claiming the deduction for when you are in a higher tax bracket.
Consider making spousal RRSP contributions.
Make an excess contribution of $2,000, but remember you may never have more than a $2,000 excess contribution at any time.
Make your RRSP contribution early in the year to take advantage of the tax free accumulation of earnings.
File income tax returns no matter how low your earned income is or how young you are to start accumulating contribution room.
If you are short on cash, consider transferring certain existing asset to your RRSP in order to obtain an RRSP deduction.
If your income will be nil or significantly less next year, buy an RRSP before March 1st., and cash it in one day later.
The contribution will be deductible this year at your marginal tax rate and taxable next year at your new marginal tax rate .
Line 212 Annual union and professional dues

If your employer is registered for GST and you pay GST on your union dues, you can get this GST back by completing form GST 370 and making a claim on line 457.
Check your T4 to see how much you paid in union dues or refer to separate receipts issued by your union.
Line 214 Child care expenses

Lunch programs and after school programs qualify as day care expenses.
Certain sports schools and camps also qualify as day care.
Line 217 Business investment loss

Unpaid funds loaned to a family corporation my qualify as business investment loss.
You may not even know that you have an existing "shareholder's loan" unless you have completed your corporations final set of financial statements and corporation income tax return. If so, take a look at the balance sheet and give us a call.
Line 219 Moving expenses

This expense can really add up fast...especially when you may be able to claim real estate fees and legal fees on the sale and purchase of a home.
Amounts not claimed in one year may be carried forward one year.
Students may also be able to claim moving expenses.
Line 221 Carrying charges and interest expense

See tips under line 120 and 121
Line 229 Other employment expenses

See tips under line 101
Line 252 Non capital losses of other years

Contact the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency and ask for a printout of your carry forward items. You might have a loss from a prior year that you forgot to claim.
Line 255 Northern Residents Deduction

Don't miss out on the following tax savings ideas: If you live in a prescribed northern zone, see if you qualify to claim this deduction.
Also if there is a taxable benefit on your T4 for travel in a prescribed zone, you may be entitled to deduct all or a part of this from your income. This includes travel for you and your family for 2 trips and all other trips taken for medical purposes.
Line 301 Age amount

You maybe able to transfer any unused amount to you spouse.
Line 305 Equivalent to spouse

You may qualify for this deduction if you were single, divorced, separated or widowed "at any time" in the year and you supported a dependent.
Dependents include your children, your parents or any other relative.
Adopted children need not be legally adopted.
Line 308
Canada Pension Plan contributions through employment

Often you have over contributed to the plan and if so you are entitled to get the overpayment refunded.
Line 312 Employment Insurance premiums

Like CPP you may have over contributed to this plan. Claim the overpayment on your income tax return.
Line 314 Pension income amount

If you do not need this deduction transfer the unused amount to your spouse.
Basically the first $1,000 of periodic pension plan is tax free for you and your spouse
Line 315 Caregiver amount

This credit is new and you may not know you qualify. If you are the caregiver of a relative who lived with you and who is over 18 and dependent on you because of an infirmity. Their income must be less than a qualifying amount.
Line 316 Disability amount

This deduction is transferable to your spouse if you don't need it to reduce your net income to zero.
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency is a stickler on this one, so be sure your form T2201 is filled out correctly by your physician.
Check this deduction out if you or your spouse are "markedly restricted" in your daily living activities such as walking, talking, seeing, or mental function.
Line 318
Disability amount transferred from other dependant

Unused disability amounts from a dependant may be transferred to you under certain circumstances.
Line 319 Interest on student loans

It may be beneficial to save this deduction for a future year when you are taxable or in a higher tax bracket. Maximum carry forward is 5 years.
Your dependant or spouse may also transfer this amount to you if not needed by them.
Don't forget about transferring tuition fees and education amounts as well.
Line 323 Tuition and education

Unused tuition fees may either be carried forward or transferred to a parent or spouse.
The education amount may also be transferred or carried forward.
Both full time and part time students may claim the education deduction.
To make this claim you must have an official receipt.
Universities outside Canada also qualify.
Students can claim moving expenses under certain conditions.
Line 324 Tuition & Education amounts from child

Often your children do not need their tuition fees or education amount. If so they may be able to transfer to you... check it out.
It may also be more advantageous for the student to carry these amounts forward to a future year.
Line 326 Amounts transferred from your spouse

Several deduction may be transferred to you from your spouse if these deductions are not needed by them. They include age, pension disability, tuition and education amounts.
Line 330 Medical expenses

Combining medical expenses for the entire family and claiming them on one return may be more advantageous.
Medical may be claimed for any 12 month period ending in the year. It may be more advantageous for example to go from June to May when totaling your medical expenses.
Medical expenses include premiums paid at work for health and dental plans (but not insurance and disability).
Blue Cross and other health plans are also medical expenses.
Don't forget to include travel health insurance.
Under certain circumstances you may also be able to claim travel expenses as part of your medical expenses.
Don't forget about the refundable medical expense supplement on line 452.
Line 349 Charitable donations

Claiming your donations every 2nd 3rd 4th or 5th year may be more advantageous to you. When your total donations are more that $200, the credit is much higher, approximately 50% depending on your province of residence.
Combining your donations with your spouse may also be more advantageous than each claiming donations separately.

Investing For The Future

Investments are definitely a personal choice but sometimes it can seem very overwhelming, complicated and time consuming to learn about what to do with your money. There are so many choices out there, that we often say we will deal with it tomorrow. Unfortunately tomorrow is now today and most of us need to start thinking about where we want to be in twenty or thirty years. Now, to make things even more difficult the market is falling out from under us and the economy is taking a dive.
It is important for us not to become so wrapped up in the now and it is best just to continue with future planning.
I am in no means an expert when it comes to investing, we will leave that to the pros, but I can point you in the right direction when it comes to starting out and understanding the options that are out there.

Gail Vaz Oxlade
is a great resource; she breaks things down into very simple terms for you to understand.

The Simple Dollar

Canadian Capitalist

Canadian Dream: Free at 45

Million Dollar Journey

After much research this is an investment plan my husband and I chose to use but like Gail will tell you, a good investment plan requires knowledge of your investments.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle! We hear it just about everywhere we go now a days, but did you know that keeping stuff out of our landfills doesn't just apply to papers and plastics. Ever hear the saying ones man's garbage is another man's treasure? Today I will post a picture of my daughter's nursery so you can have a look at how you too can save money when garage saling, purchasing from sites such as UsedOttawa, or even buying damaged items from the store.

Here is a look at my daughters room to give you an idea of how to apply this in your own life.

Large white dresser (Reg price $329.00) Price paid ($124.00)
Why? This item was damaged (in the back right hand corner no bigger than 3mm, the wood is pushed in a little) You cannot even tell!

Lamazee Toys under change table (Reg price approx $160.00) Price paid $8 total at a garage sale and washed them...just like new!

Bumbo chair with tray, yellow, beside the dresser (Reg price $85.00) Price paid $20 I purchased this item off of UsedOttawa from a girl only 5 houses down from me. It looks brand new. I was hesitant to purchase one of these items at full price because I knew some children like them and others don't.

Curtains, bed skirt, blanket (Reg Price $24.99, $19.99, $19.99) bought them all in a markdown bin at Toys-R-Us for $5, $2.50 and $2.50

Bumper pads which I ended up not using, $2 at a garage sale.

Rocking chair and foot stool (Reg Price $260 at I bought this on sale at Sears and it had a color flaw (which you cannot see because it is in the back) I paid $99 + tax.

Change table I purchased on sale for $99 at Walmart and crib was on sale at Toys-R-Us for $199 (Reg $269.99)

Her Tiffany lamp I purchased for $4 at a garage sale.

Pictures were at Walmart for $13 + tax so I purchased them online instead for $2 each and the frames for $4 from Ikea.

I also purchased a co-sleeper for her off of Kijiji and I paid $20 (it was unopened). This was another product I was unsure whether or not I would use. So I didn't want to pay the full price of $68. This item was heaven sent...we used it all of the time to put her on the couch beside us.

I got her a brand new Eddie Bauer playpen at an auction for $40 Reg price $150

The list goes on and on but it gives you some ideas. Remember children grow out of things fast! You don't want to waste a lot of money on things a child will only outgrow in a month or two especially when you can get them like new for a fraction of the cost from a used website.
Another great thing to purchase online from a used site is maternity clothes. I bought 2 bags for $50 and they were all brand name items. I would have spent a fortune if I had of purchased them new.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Scanning Code Of Practice

So let's talk Scanning Code of Practice today. I want to talk about this because quite often I have friends who say, "Kerri I can't do that, I would be so embarrassed." People, there is a reason why such a policy needs to be in place. If retailers didn't have this code they wouldn't bother entering the sale price into their systems. A perfect example of this is Zellers, they are one of a very few major retailers that do not participate in this voluntary program. The last time I went to Zellers I took 7 items to the checkout. All of these items were on sale and only 3 rung up at the correct sale price. Can you imagine how many times you have been overcharged by a store? I know when you have 2 kids running amuck and you are still unloading your items, you don't always have time to watch the screen. In this case make sure you quickly scan the items on your receipt and take it up to the customer service desk if you find any discrepancies.
So now you want to know how you can go about this in such a way as to not bring any attention to yourself. Well, I have never encountered an issue with a teller at a checkout in my many years of doing this. I simply say, "That item was on sale, I would like the scanning code of practice please." That's it; they just do questions, no remarks, just a free item or up to $10 off. It is so easy. I challenge you to do this for one year and place the money you make in a TFSA (tax free savings account) or some other form of investment; I guarantee you will be shocked.
I will leave you with a little story...
My husband and I went shopping at Loblaws (grocery store) and we took up a box of diapers that was on sale for $15.97. It rang up at the regular price so my husband said "scanning code of practice please". The young man took $10 off the box of diapers leaving us with a box of diapers for just $5.97 + tax. The following day we had to run back into the store for a few groceries and just for fun my husband took another box of diapers to the self scanner down an aisle and it came up wrong yet again. Now, under the SCOP you can only receive your first item up to $10 off and the correct sales price applies to the rest of the products if they are identical. We were aware of this and picked up a box of diapers in every size each. We paid $5.97 for each of them because they were not identical. In most cases customer service will have them change the price right away in their system but in this case someone dropped the ball. I was clearly amazed by this because this showed me that no one over the last 24 hours had been doing what we did or else they would have changed the price. So just think for a minute how many people paid full price, when the only reason they picked those diapers up was because they were on sale.

Satin Care Shaving Cream FREE with coupon!

Satin Care shaving cream is on sale this week at Shoppers Drug Mart for $1.99.
Use your $2 coupon and get it for FREE!

Don't worry you still have time to order your coupon before the sale ends!

Satin Care Coupon

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Shampoo & Conditioner

Hot Deal at Loblaws Barrhaven for Ottawa.

At the back of the store in a cart beside the eggs and milk

Pantene Pro-V Restoratives (different kinds) Reg $8.49 each
They have Bonus Gift sets (Shampoo and Conditioner) for $3.99
Combine that with Pantene Prov-V Restoratives Coupon $2 off
You pay $1.99 before tax
Savings $14.99

First Post

I think I will start off my blog by saying 'be happy with what you already have'. I can't count how many times I have looked around my house and thought I need this or I want that. It seems as though it is never enough, if you make $30,000 somehow when you finally get to $40,000 it still isn't where you want to be. This is because far too many of us live beyond our means. I know, I have done it. But I will be the first to tell you, the sooner you start to appreciate the things you have the better off you will be emotionally and financially.
I can recall the days where I had the attitude if I can't see it, it doesn't really exist! How many of us just ignore our finances? I mean really...doesn't it always seem to work out anyways? I have always had a home and a vehicle even if I did have some debt. Yet deep down you always know that mounting debt is a huge black cloud waiting to rain on your parade one day. After the initial spending high it causes anxiety, guilt, and shame only to be followed by quarrels with spouses until the next pay check and your next spending high comes along. Most of us have been there and it can be a hard cycle to break.
I am here to tell you it isn't impossible, in fact it isn't even that hard. There are so many easy things you can do to improve your financial situation without even getting off your couch.
Here is something for you to start with, pick up your phone and call your credit card company and ask for a better interest rate. What is the worst thing that could happen? They may say no...Oh them again next week, and then again the next week and the next until they offer you a better rate! It will happen, they want your money and if they know you are going to switch to another company with a better rate they will help you out.
Each blog I will try to help you out by doing a little leg work for you, today I have found a credit card with no fees and a good rate for you to use as leverage against your credit card company.


If you're looking for a credit card that can offer you some stability, the
Capital One Low Rate Platinum MasterCard might be of interest. This card offers a guaranteed interest rate of 4.75% until March 31, 2012, at which point it will become a will become a variable rate of Prime +1.75%.

Notable features:
  • guaranteed interest rate of 5.8% until January 31, 2012 (switches to variable rate Prime + 1.8% after that)
  • no annual fee
  • no-fee balance transfer service
  • free car rental insurance (rental Collision and damage waiver)
  • extended warranties on most purchases (double the manufacturer warranty up to 1 additional year)

A fixed rate of 4.75% for the next 3 years seems pretty reasonable. No annual fee is good of course, and the standard array of Platinum perks is always welcome. Note that this card is not available to residents of Quebec, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.