Deal of the Day!

Deal of the Day!
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Since so many of you ladies are about to become Moms I thought it would be a good idea to link to some of the many freebies out there that you can take advantage of! You will receive many coupons (I love them myself) and as your children get older and their needs change so do the coupons to reflect this.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle! We hear it just about everywhere we go now a days, but did you know that keeping stuff out of our landfills doesn't just apply to papers and plastics. Ever hear the saying ones man's garbage is another man's treasure? Today I will post a picture of my daughter's nursery so you can have a look at how you too can save money when garage saling, purchasing from sites such as UsedOttawa, or even buying damaged items from the store.

Here is a look at my daughters room to give you an idea of how to apply this in your own life.

Large white dresser (Reg price $329.00) Price paid ($124.00)
Why? This item was damaged (in the back right hand corner no bigger than 3mm, the wood is pushed in a little) You cannot even tell!

Lamazee Toys under change table (Reg price approx $160.00) Price paid $8 total at a garage sale and washed them...just like new!

Bumbo chair with tray, yellow, beside the dresser (Reg price $85.00) Price paid $20 I purchased this item off of UsedOttawa from a girl only 5 houses down from me. It looks brand new. I was hesitant to purchase one of these items at full price because I knew some children like them and others don't.

Curtains, bed skirt, blanket (Reg Price $24.99, $19.99, $19.99) bought them all in a markdown bin at Toys-R-Us for $5, $2.50 and $2.50

Bumper pads which I ended up not using, $2 at a garage sale.

Rocking chair and foot stool (Reg Price $260 at I bought this on sale at Sears and it had a color flaw (which you cannot see because it is in the back) I paid $99 + tax.

Change table I purchased on sale for $99 at Walmart and crib was on sale at Toys-R-Us for $199 (Reg $269.99)

Her Tiffany lamp I purchased for $4 at a garage sale.

Pictures were at Walmart for $13 + tax so I purchased them online instead for $2 each and the frames for $4 from Ikea.

I also purchased a co-sleeper for her off of Kijiji and I paid $20 (it was unopened). This was another product I was unsure whether or not I would use. So I didn't want to pay the full price of $68. This item was heaven sent...we used it all of the time to put her on the couch beside us.

I got her a brand new Eddie Bauer playpen at an auction for $40 Reg price $150

The list goes on and on but it gives you some ideas. Remember children grow out of things fast! You don't want to waste a lot of money on things a child will only outgrow in a month or two especially when you can get them like new for a fraction of the cost from a used website.
Another great thing to purchase online from a used site is maternity clothes. I bought 2 bags for $50 and they were all brand name items. I would have spent a fortune if I had of purchased them new.


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