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Deal of the Day!
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Investing For The Future

Investments are definitely a personal choice but sometimes it can seem very overwhelming, complicated and time consuming to learn about what to do with your money. There are so many choices out there, that we often say we will deal with it tomorrow. Unfortunately tomorrow is now today and most of us need to start thinking about where we want to be in twenty or thirty years. Now, to make things even more difficult the market is falling out from under us and the economy is taking a dive.
It is important for us not to become so wrapped up in the now and it is best just to continue with future planning.
I am in no means an expert when it comes to investing, we will leave that to the pros, but I can point you in the right direction when it comes to starting out and understanding the options that are out there.

Gail Vaz Oxlade
is a great resource; she breaks things down into very simple terms for you to understand.

The Simple Dollar

Canadian Capitalist

Canadian Dream: Free at 45

Million Dollar Journey

After much research this is an investment plan my husband and I chose to use but like Gail will tell you, a good investment plan requires knowledge of your investments.

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