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Deal of the Day!
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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Scanning Code Of Practice

So let's talk Scanning Code of Practice today. I want to talk about this because quite often I have friends who say, "Kerri I can't do that, I would be so embarrassed." People, there is a reason why such a policy needs to be in place. If retailers didn't have this code they wouldn't bother entering the sale price into their systems. A perfect example of this is Zellers, they are one of a very few major retailers that do not participate in this voluntary program. The last time I went to Zellers I took 7 items to the checkout. All of these items were on sale and only 3 rung up at the correct sale price. Can you imagine how many times you have been overcharged by a store? I know when you have 2 kids running amuck and you are still unloading your items, you don't always have time to watch the screen. In this case make sure you quickly scan the items on your receipt and take it up to the customer service desk if you find any discrepancies.
So now you want to know how you can go about this in such a way as to not bring any attention to yourself. Well, I have never encountered an issue with a teller at a checkout in my many years of doing this. I simply say, "That item was on sale, I would like the scanning code of practice please." That's it; they just do questions, no remarks, just a free item or up to $10 off. It is so easy. I challenge you to do this for one year and place the money you make in a TFSA (tax free savings account) or some other form of investment; I guarantee you will be shocked.
I will leave you with a little story...
My husband and I went shopping at Loblaws (grocery store) and we took up a box of diapers that was on sale for $15.97. It rang up at the regular price so my husband said "scanning code of practice please". The young man took $10 off the box of diapers leaving us with a box of diapers for just $5.97 + tax. The following day we had to run back into the store for a few groceries and just for fun my husband took another box of diapers to the self scanner down an aisle and it came up wrong yet again. Now, under the SCOP you can only receive your first item up to $10 off and the correct sales price applies to the rest of the products if they are identical. We were aware of this and picked up a box of diapers in every size each. We paid $5.97 for each of them because they were not identical. In most cases customer service will have them change the price right away in their system but in this case someone dropped the ball. I was clearly amazed by this because this showed me that no one over the last 24 hours had been doing what we did or else they would have changed the price. So just think for a minute how many people paid full price, when the only reason they picked those diapers up was because they were on sale.

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